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Booked Out

It was once a rare occasion for any builder in Dublin to be able to say that they had 3 months of bookings lined up. With this ongoing property boom we are finding it impossible to keep up with demand. As of last week, we are fully booked until next year in residential property projects. It is hard to believe that we are taking bookings for the first quarter of 2018 already.Our advice for any potential clients that are thinking of getting work done to their homes is to plan early, engage your architect early and soon after, a builder. Keeping a good builder in the loop will allow them the opportunity to hold openings for your project. We are finding on a more regular basis, that clients are leaving discussing their projects with us to the last minute and wanting to commence building works within a week or two of first contacting us. The likelihood is that any builder that is worth their salt is not going to be available. So plan early!!!